I finally got around to photographing each of these lugs close-up, adding notes etc.
I made a page for them Here: Hetchins Lugs

Description of this lot when it was sold at auction:

(Quoting the seller)

Hetchins factory lugs, some are casting rejects, includes an early Magnum Opus
head lug (very rare) and also includes a prototype of a lug I have never seen listed!
A Nervex Professional lug and two track crowns also included as an extra bonus.

Please note, these Hetchins lugs are cast or pressed and NOT after market re-pros cut by
someone else, these are genuine Hetchins originals. The track crowns are for round blades.

The Magnum Opus lug (top left in pic) is a CAST lug of the very earliest type that had the
internal bearing races. This would have to be one of the rarest lugs around, from a
collectors point of view. This has no flaws.

All lugs are new - unused, but some have casting faults, hence why they were never used.
The track crowns and Nervex lugs are generic, but still rare.

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